Webot in Slack

Welcome to use Webot.SV 🔥

Webot is an extremely simple custodial* Bitcoin SV wallet embedded in Slack.

All the workspace users can tip friends, send and receive Bitcoin SV in Slack directly with text commands. It's good for people who don't have a common knowledge of blockchain.

No app downloads, no personal information leakage, no complicated terms to understand, just 3 text commands to operate your wallet!

Clicke the button below to install Webot app into your Slack workspace.


Check your Bitcoin SV address and satoshi balance.!

💡 You can top up satoshi from other wallets to the address which only belongs to you.

/tip @alice @bob amount unit

Tip your friends in Slack workspace.

💡 Go! All the transactions are instantly on-chain.

👉 /tip @alice 1000 satoshi will tip alice 1,000 satoshis. 👉 /tip @alice 1000 will tip alice 1,000 satoshis, too. The unit is satoshi by default which can be omitted. 👉 /tip @alice @bob 1 usd will tip $1 each to alice and bob, you can change the unit to your familiar fiat.

/send address amount unit

Send your satoshis to a specific Bitcoin SV address.

💡 The address can be a legacy Bitcoin SV address starts with "1", or a paymail, or a HandCash $handle. 💡 Explicit mark "all" if you want to send all the balance

👉 /send $aaron67 10000 will send 10,000 satoshis to HandCash user $aaron67. The unit satoshi can be omitted. 👉 /send [email protected] 1 eur will send €1 to paymail [email protected]. 👉 /send 1xxxxxxx all will send all your satoshis to legacy address 1xxxxxxx.

Customized Tip

Tip friends with satoshi or fiat money units only, is not interesting enough.

👉 /tip @alice 1 tea will tip $1.5 to alice, also works for coffee ($1.5) and beer ($3).

What's more? You can customize the tip message as wish! Just add it with double quotes at the end of the command.

👉 /tip @alice 1000 "a cup of green tea" will tip 1,000 satoshis to alice, hint with "you tipped a cup of green tea to alice". 👉 /tip @bob 1 usd "one rokcet :rocket:" will tip $1 to bob, hint with "you tipped one rocket 🚀 to bob".


A custodial wallet means the service provider (Webot) knows your private key. It's fine for the tip and daily use because this only associated with small satoshis. Please DO NOT leave many Bitcoin SV in Webot.

Let me know your issues or great ideas ✉️ [email protected]

Cheers! 🍺